We are Carly and Rob, husband and wife team behind Roo-tid. With a joint love for design, we met while studying at Bournemouth Arts University back in 2004! With our degrees firmly under our belts and an attitude to conqueror our specialties, we started on what would be a 12 year journey in the publishing and online advertising industries!

Rob worked his way up to manage the delivery of all online advertising campaigns and monetisation across 20 websites for one of the UK’s largest magazine publishers, before moving on to head up advertising operations for a new startup advertising technology platform. While I found my footing as a senior magazine designer and eventually became the marketing design & photography manager for one of the UK’s largest craft distributors.

With a whole host of experience filling our pockets we knew it was finally time to launch our own business. And so, in 2018 Roo-tid came to life!

We often get asked “why Roo-tid? What does it mean?

For us it’s about being aware of who we are, staying grounded, enjoying the simple way of life and most importantly doing what we love. (Spelt as Rooted is pronounced to the English Dictionary…. Just for fun!)

One of our best decisions in life was to move out of the city centre and root down in the beautiful countryside. Our name seemed all the more fitting with our little studio being rooted in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest. It’s here we started to notice the incredible wildlife visiting our wooded studio on a daily basis. And so with camera in hand and a full stake out operation in place we finally lived up to our surnames (Stalker) and Stalked the hell out of these creatures!

We soon became very familiar with our little visitors and those that stole our hearts were Peanut the badger with her babies and two gorgeous foxes called white tip & grey tip – who we like to think of as an old married couple who enjoy spending their evenings roaming the countryside together under the moonlight.

With a love for patterns and our new furry neighbours, the two went hand in hand to create our first designs. The use of bright, bold colours made them perfect for a variety of home and gift products. Working closely with our UK manufacturers we ensured every pair of oven gloves had a snug fit, each apron was fully adjustable and that the printing process was environmentally friendly while working with BCI certified mills.

A successful year was to follow this, as we started to introduce our designs and products across the UK at a variety of country and shopping shows. It’s safe to say we encountered way too many hot marquees and muddy fields that year!

Taking on board customer feedback to launch our fabrics for sale by the metre we realised there’s a whole sewing community out there we wanted to be a part of!

Diving into the inspiration from our surroundings, the seasons and everyday encounters – we decided to produce illustrations that make people smile. Designs that have been thoughtfully drawn, scaled and coloured with the dressmaking community at heart. Quality fabrics that are screaming out to be turned into something beautiful to make somebody feel wonderful!

Quality and sustainability are incredibly important to the production of our organic fabrics. We went through a whole host of tests and samples to eventually find the perfect GOTS certified manufacturer. And boy are we glad we did! Not only are these fabrics top quality but they’ve been made with the workers and our little planet at heart – and we just love that!

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